TAEN Welcomes Appointment of Dr Ros Altmann CBE as Business Champion for Older Workers

Commenting on the announcement of Dr Altmann’s new role by Minister of State  for Pensions Steve Webb MP, Chief Executive of TAEN – The Age and Employment Network, Chris Ball says;

“We in TAEN have enjoyed a close relationship with Dr Altmann through her long service as a TAEN trustee and after she became Director General of Saga, the over-50’s lifestyle group. This strong and working link between Dr Altmann and TAEN will, I am sure, have a positive impact on awareness of the issues facing older workers and job seekers for the UK economy and employers.

“Certainly, we will be supporting Dr Altmann in every way we can. After all, TAEN has itself been championing the cause of older workers and job seekers for the past 24 years so we see this choice of our friend and former trustee as an inspired appointment.

 “Having known and worked with Dr Altmann for many years. I am sure that she will be an effective champion of older workers and play an active part in explaining their value to the world of business, which she understands so well.”

 Speaking about her new role, Dr Altmann says:

 “I am delighted to have an opportunity to champion the cause of older workers.  I will be helping to explain the benefits to both businesses and society of encouraging people to work longer and mobilising the potential which older workers offer.

 “I have worked for many years on this issue, researching and writing about the need to embrace longer working lives.  This will become increasingly important for many individuals, not only because it will increase their lifetime income and their pension prospects but also because of the many other benefits of work, such as continued social engagement and improved health and well being.

 “TAEN has tremendous knowledge of all the issues faced by older employees and job seekers as well as the tremendous skills and experience they offer. I very much look forward to working with friends I have known for some years as experts in this field.”

Videos of older people and their work experience will be available on the TAEN website http://www.taen.org.uk from Monday 14 July 2014.

For further information, contact: Chris Ball, Tel:  07768 693938