Tool to assess fitness for workforce ageing launched

TAEN – The Age and Employment Network and the US-based AARP have launched a UK version of a successful tool that enables employers to assess their current and future workforce needs in readiness for the challenges of the ageing population.

Based on a model produced by AARP, which has been used by some 2,000 US employers since its launch in 2008, the Workforce Assessment Tool enables HR managers to assess how an ageing workforce will affect their workplace and how to attract and retain talent from all age groups.

Chris Ball, Chief Executive of TAEN, says:

“This tool will help employers relate their workplace policies and practices to salient issues facing organisations and the economy, including demographic change, workforce ageing and shrinkage, and risks arising from skills shortages.  The specific age focus of this tool makes it particularly relevant to UK employers in the present context.   

“Following the success of the AARP’s Workforce Assessment Tool in the US, we hope that UK employers will find the tool equally useful in developing their own age management strategies.”

Deborah Russell, Director of Workforce Issues at AARP, comments:

“TAEN fully recognises the value of workforce planning and the impact it will have on recruiting and managing an age-diverse workforce.  AARP encourages UK employers follow the lead of their US counterparts and take advantage of this free and confidential tool. 

“Our collaboration with TAEN will support our ability to understand the strategies that employers in the US and the UK are adopting to meet the needs of their ageing workforces.”

AARP produces annual trending data derived from the tool to provide Government, industries and business with a view of innovative policies and practices.  The data from the UK employers will be combined with data from US employers to provide an international comparative perspective of age and talent management practice.

Employers and HR managers are urged to complete the 30 minute online questionnaire which covers topics such as company demographics, knowledge retention, financial and health benefits, flexible working options, the physical work environment, training and development opportunities and recruitment policies.

Each user receives a confidential and customised report suggesting measures they could take to create an age-friendly workplace.

Employers and stakeholders can set up accounts and access the free service at www.aarpworkforceassessment.org/uk