Saga Calling for Abolition of the Default Retirement Age in Party Election Manifestos

With the General Election now only months away, Saga is calling on all the political parties to commit to abolition of the default retirement age in their election manifestos.

Having recently polled nearly 14,200 people aged 50+, Saga has just issued its own manifesto containing six demands for a fairer society for the over-50s.

The six demands are:

Fairer Finances – including the abolition of Employers’ National Insurance contributions when people are recruited age 60 or above , to help combat ageism in employment.  As well as the introduction of a flat rate state pension for all UK residents without mean testing.

Abolish Ageism – wherever it is found – from the NHS to politics to the media.

Age Balance In Parliament – with political parties publishing the age profiles of their prospective candidates and MPs.

Support for Carers – including increased funding for respite help for carers, with better financial and practical support for family carers.

Intelligent retirement – including an end to the compulsory retirement age and in its place a flexible, planned approach to retirement. The encouragement and promotion of employment services dedicated to the over 50s.

Better, safer streets so that older people are less fearful. Measures called for include a crackdown on binge drinking and its effects, more ploice to be seen on the streets and a no-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour.

Saga is reminding the political parties of the importance of the ‘grey’ vote.  Its poll found that 80 per cent of its members, all of whom are aged 50+, were certain to vote in the general election.